Innovation Labs

The Innovation labs in SKU are formulated to develop newness and advancement in university by setting up keen-visionary surroundings where knowledge is exchanged and ideas are developed with advance inference. The innovation lab is constructed in such a way that it creates the most commending and supportive conditions for students’ Discovery, Exploring and Creativity to take place and happen in real.

Our Vision Will Set The Direction

  • Becoming a vibrant knowledge Centre and a Centre of Excellence in teaching, research and extension activities.
  • Bringing about conservation, creation advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Creating technologically equipped thought and action leaders in a wide range of spheres by providing value-based and high quality education.
  • Generating cutting edge research and innovations and enabling empowerment through social and regional inclusion.
  • Increasing global linkages by attracting international students and establishing collaborative programmes with educational institution of repute.

Four basic principles shall guide the Shri Krishna University: Our research, education and cooperation shall be characterised by a quest for high quality; our standpoints and decisions shall be based on a clear responsibility for the development of society; our work shall be guided by a global engagement that constantly reminds us of our role in the world; and an inspiring work environment is an important prerequisite.

The lab is filled and annexed with all kinds of equipment that are needed to perform experiments and attain good results. The innovation lab team is usually assembled with illustrious professionals who are phenomenal and proficient and outsourced, depending on the lab’s needs. A combination of both scenarios is suggested for good consequences and aftermaths.

In SKU, the better area is designated for student’s innovation that can bring gains to university culture and internal communications, since it is a hub that will be disseminating the knowledge acquired from each project and thus spreading innovation culture. Being in constant contact with new ideas and providing our departments an opportunity to exchange and interact with different projects is a fine way to oxygenate inspiring solutions for betterment of students.

In addition, the University hosts fully equipped IT labs in the academic section of the campus. The labs have routers, servers, Pcs, laptops, scanners, printers and other IT networking equipment from the market leaders. Students get the first hand experience working on them as part of curriculum and stay abreast of technological advancements.


  • It is spacious, open and strategically located so that a considerable volume of people can interact with the lab and also see and be part of what’s happening inside.
  • It stimulates creativity by having movable and colorful furniture, which creates a sense of dynamism and adaptability to different contexts.
  • It has whiteboards and opened walls to facilitate the sharing of ideas, as well as inspiring decoration such as quotes and technological concepts.
  • It has the technology available to allow real-time exchange with remote workers or other offices, which will speed up decision-making.
  • It consists of an organic space: a rotating hub that converges all innovative initiatives taking place within the university, where visual thinking is an important concept to guide the construction of the space.
  • It is a tool used to represent and organize ideas in a more tactile and easier way.
  • It aims to generate new products, services or guide the reformulation of processes; through improvements that may be incremental or disruptive. An incremental enhancement may be finding a way to boost internal productivity, for instance, improving customer experience. In contrast, a disruptive idea may lead to the development of a whole new business model for a product or service.