Shri Krishna University believe to ponder the education for advanced researchers and future scientific leaders who are fluent in multiple scientific languages and are experts to use the tools of science and technology to understand life at the basic level which harnesses knowledge to address long-term challenges in Human health and superfluity lifestyles. Our undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programme prepare our trainees to pioneer new conventional discoveries, develop talent breakthroughs and revolutionize proficiency and knowledge. As we are living in a world of advancements, research orientations, knowledge exploration, experience gaining, and performing science and technology-based exercises and activities. So, the need to understand scientific and social concepts including theories is extremely commendable.

Our Vision Will Set The Direction

  • Becoming a vibrant knowledge Centre and a Centre of Excellence in teaching, research and extension activities.
  • Bringing about conservation, creation advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Creating technologically equipped thought and action leaders in a wide range of spheres by providing value-based and high quality education.
  • Generating cutting edge research and innovations and enabling empowerment through social and regional inclusion.
  • Increasing global linkages by attracting international students and establishing collaborative programmes with educational institution of repute.

Four basic principles shall guide the Shri Krishna University: Our research, education and cooperation shall be characterised by a quest for high quality; our standpoints and decisions shall be based on a clear responsibility for the development of society; our work shall be guided by a global engagement that constantly reminds us of our role in the world; and an inspiring work environment is an important prerequisite.

In response to this dire need, laboratory facilities for the study of students have been given great extensions in higher education but to understand the modern scientific and social concepts including theories, we cannot do well without upgraded and equipped laboratories. SKU has a series of hi-tech laboratories to cater to the needs of brimming students. SKU is well known for imparting quality education in the many streams. The credit for this fame goes to our proficient lab specialists and the availability of sophisticated instrumentation facilities.


  • 1) The laboratories are located in the first, second and third floor of the university building and comprise of well-working equipment with aired and ample space. Each laboratory is quite spacious to accommodate more than fifty students at a time.
  • 2) The Laboratories are well ventilated, have ample light arrangement and are well electrified to meet the students' demands. The configuration is designed to cater to individual and group work.
  • 3) Our faculty understands the capabilities and limitations of the environmental controls, laboratory chemical hoods, and other accessories associated with equipment and how to use them properly. Also, We are active enough to ensure safety and efficiency, the experimental work that should be viewed in the context of the entire laboratory and its facilities.
  • 4)We often have more additional spaces in our respective laboratories with the most modern, standard and sophisticated lab needs, viz; -


We have Preparation room, Machine room, Central instrumentation room, Pharmaceutics labs (I, II &III), Human Anatomy and physiology room, Pharmacognosy lab (I &II), Store Room, Fire-safety, water-supply, gas-supply and many more needful as local exhaust ventilation, computer cables, light fixtures, electrical outlets, wet laboratories, computer laboratories, instruments, write-up spaces, office areas, and other spaces with varying degrees of chemical use and hazards. The Apparatus and equipment are available in abundance. The chemicals available are always fresh and latest.


We have a basic electrical lab, workshop practice lab, surveying lab, hydraulics lab, Instrumentation lab, basic electronic lab, computer lab, environmental engineering lab, strength of materials, software lab, manufacturing practices lab, engineering geology and remote sensing lab, conception technology lab, structural analysis lab, building planning and architecture lab, CAD lab, physics lab, chemistry lab and all others lab which are required for proper working of engineering-oriented students.


We have adequate agrarian apparatus and agriculture favourable equipment. We have a herbal garden with many herbal plants, horticulture gardens, greenhouse, poly house, Organic farms, soil-testing equipment for students' keen interest in surveying and studying. We also have more than 80 acres of agricultural farms for our budding students.

Science Lab


We have preparation room, Fire-safety, water-supply, gas-supply, storeroom, exhaust ventilation, light fixtures, electrical outlets, wet laboratories, operating instruments, write-up spaces, and other spaces with varying degrees of chemical use and hazards. The apparatuses are available in abundance with always fresh and latest chemicals availability for physical, inorganic and organic chemistry practical to perform at best.


We have a well-defined dark-room, storeroom, exhaust ventilation, electrical Providence, operating instruments, write-up spaces and an adequate light habilitating lab with all kinds of proper working devices, gadgets and equipment that are utilized in the physics lab


We have well-associated botanical apparatus, Specimens, chemicals and botany favourable equipment. We have a botanical garden with numerous plants for students' keen concern in researching and studying.


We have various kinds of specimens, skeletons, Chemicals, tools and laboratory apparatus to boon up the students with ample area of zoological works and lab research.


We have a Proper Nursing lab with all kinds of medical instruments and medications that subsists the proper learning of a paramedical student to be a flourishing paramedic in India and worldwide.


We have a Moot court which is designed in such a way that a courtroom looks like for proper preparation of the students to be a successful law-oriented person in their life.

Every scientific concept is clarified in the laboratory by our highly educated teachers. Occasionally, expert scholars and scientists are invited to demonstrate the latest concepts which help in developing a scientific and social approach among young scholars

Maintaining a positive safety culture and at the same time meeting, the safety and comfort needs of laboratory personnel are challenging under these circumstances

Our Labs have both laboratory and office support space with the desire to be aware of procedures and to have a constant presence in the laboratory usually demands that office space be located near the laboratory.

Our Current design is to locate fixed elements such as laboratory chemical hoods and sinks at the perimeter of the laboratory, ensuring maximum mobility of interior equipment and furniture.

The need for personnel safety, evolutionary technology allowing for computer-based research and data monitoring outside of the laboratory, as well as a desire to foster better interaction between researchers, has driven the offices outside the laboratory