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A confidential and impartial resource for students

The Ombudsperson will offer recommendations to students, faculty, staff, and University leadership regarding issues brought to their attention. They will also advise complainants on available avenues for addressing their concerns both within and outside the University. Operating as an impartial external party, the Ombudsperson will confidentially counsel and guide members of the SKU community

Any member of the Shri Krishna University community can contact the Ombudsperson regarding issues they feel are not adequately addressed through the University's current procedures.

The Ombudsperson's primary responsibility is to safeguard the well-being of students, faculty, and staff by offering a confidential and secure space for their concerns to be voiced. They also serve as a platform for addressing issues such as harassment, inappropriate behavior, unprofessional conduct, abuse of authority, wrongful termination of employment, or violations of university policies on freedom of expression. The Ombudsperson advises both the individual and the university on resolving disputes related to these matters.

The Ombudsperson offers recommendations in cases where trends, patterns, policies, or procedures within the university give rise to concerns or conflicts. They also facilitate discussions on broader institutional issues to enhance the overall experience of students at Shri Krishna University and promote the interests of all involved parties.

Contact the Ombudsperson here

Name: Dr. Jagat Singh Parihar
Email Id:
Mobile No.: 6262618017