Conference | Invitation

Dear Sir,

It’s a matter of immense pleasure and make sense to announce that Shri Krishna University, Chhatarpur (M.P.) is organizing an Introductory International conference (IIC-19) on surging issues of “Environmental stresses & Ecological Challenges” through various forums of discussions and presentations on related aspects of theme for outcome and recommendations to various agencies in association of Govt. of India to cater corrective measure.

You are co-ordially invited to submit original research papers of interest areas pertaining to serious concerns of environmental scenario past, present and future.


To project certain positive steps for corrective measures and to improve by information dissemination to masses on perspective towards global issue of environment.


The principal goal of the conference is to present some latest outstanding breakthrough in Environmental Stresses and Ecological Challenges and bring together young talents with expertise of scientists from all regions of the world.

Topics of discussions

  • Potable water conditions and challenges
  • Conservation of fresh water resources (Natural and other concepts)
  • Water pollution and its impacts on Flora and Fauna (Air, Water soil and Noise Pollution)
  • Hydrobiology of sewage and highly polluted water bodies
  • Changes in seasonal pattern with riverine Ecology
  • Electromagnetic radiations around the world
  • Global Warming
  • Climate change & its impact on environment
  • Cultural practice and their conservations
  • Sustainable Development of Tourism
  • Environmental study of Tourism
  • Wildlife and Forest Conservation
  • Biophysics in relation to environment
  • Social awareness in environmental stresses
  • Another related critical discussions/issues
  • Mathematical models

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